Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Clipart

For today's nature and outdoors clip art theme I chose something that I don't see often online, so I thought this would be useful because of its rarity. Sometimes you need a rock clipart pic or some clipart stone images to create an outdoors or rugged atmosphere on your website. While uploading the stone and rock images I remembered the sword and the stone clip art at the bottom, and thought it would be a cool addition because it's taken from such a reminiscent story from my childhood!

Feel free to take some of these rocks, but don't throw them!

Big seashore rock clipart image in black and white.

A pile of rocks clip art picture in color.

Some small grey rock cliparts for you to select from.

A single medium size gray clipart stone.

The sword in the stone clipart. Try to pull this one out! I bet you can't!

Cool! Thanks for checking these out. While writing this I realized that some people might be searching for rock music clipart when they find this. So maybe in the near future I'll put together an update with rock 'n' roll clipart.

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