Tuesday, December 8, 2009

School Bus Clip Art

Most school-related webpages, including school district or specific school related webpages seem to have school bus clip art on their sites. And I recieved several emails asking me why I don't have a full collection of school bus clipart on this site, so I decided to look around for some good ones to package together here.

I never rode the school bus to school when I was a kid. I lived nearby so I always walkd. But for a lot of kids the school bus is a big part of their school experience. They socialize and make friends on the bus, and depending on at what point in the route that they board the bus, they could be spending several hours a week on the school bus. And school buses are of course important for school field trips. They are essential for a complete school experience. That's what makes school bus clip art very potent symbols of children's education.

Realistic school bus clip art
crayon drawing school bus clip art
Students riding the school bus clip art image
Ride the school bus cliparts
classy painted school bus clip art
Clip art of school bus driving on two wheels

School bus clip art like the above might be useful for your webpage or print outs, and I hope that's the case! Be sure to check out some other collections on this site. I hope you find some more useful themes and images!

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