Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink and White Gift Clipart

Here is one last selection for now in our gift clip art category (though maybe I`ll add some more gift images later). This one is a lovely pink present, with white ribbons. These colors create a feminine image, and might be perfect for designs meant to appeal to the feminine senses, or create an aura of femininity. Designs with things like frills, roses and other flowers, etc. could be a good combination with this pink and white colored present clipart.

Pink clipart gift with white ribbons

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Orange Gift Bag Clipart

This gift clipart is a little different than the last two images I decided to share with you. This one is not a present inside a wrapped box, but rather a present inside a gift bag that is decorated and sealed with ribbons.

Which do you prefer? Getting presents in boxes? Or getting gift bags with the present inside? I personally like getting gift bags because I can reuse the bags to carry other things! So it`s like two gifts in one!

Clipart of orange gift bag with blue ribbons

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yellow Present Clipart with Red Ribbons

This yellow present clipart is the second installment in our "gift clipart" series which started last week. This one is not quite as striking as an image as the last red and white one. In fact, some people think this one looks a little too simple. But this one is good if you are incorporating it into a cartoonish or animated image. If you want to create a more glamorous-looking image, then perhaps a different present clipart would be better.

Yellow gift clipart with red ribbons

Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Present Clipart

Today we are beginning a new mini-series of clipart images, this time they are present clipart or gift clipart. Of course, some people will be thinking that this series is late because Christmas is over. But Christmas is not the only time when we give gifts. We gives presents on birthdays, to say congratulations, to say thank you for a special favor, to show our love for someone, or many other reasons.

I like this image because of its striking red color which contrasts beautifully with the white ribbons. It`s a simple but effective image.

Red present with white ribbon clipart

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Green Christmas Candle Clipart

This green Christmas candle clipart is the sister image of the one I posted last time, which is almost identical to this one except that it is its mirror image, and the color of this one is green whereas the other one was red. But their shape and size is the same, so they may very well complement each other in various seasonal holiday designs.

Again, I apologize for getting this one up too late for the holiday season of 2011. But it will certainly be ready and waiting for those celebrating Christmas in 2012!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Christmas Candle Clipart

Ok ok, I admit that I was a bit late getting this clipart image up. This one (as well as the next candle image I will post soon) would have been perfect for Christmas, but I was so busy celebrating the Christmas season with my family that I forgot to upload this image. Oh well. By the time Christmas comes around next year, this page will already be found on search engines so people will easily find it next time. Of course, Christmas colors and red and green, and those colors make for great Christmas candles.

Red Christmas candle clipart

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bright Yellow Candle Clipart

Today we bring you yet another entry in our recent candle clipart series. This one is one of my favorites, an intensely bright simmering yellow and orange candle clipart image. This one is great for designs in which you are more interesting in portraying a source of bright light than of portraying the candle itself. Put this in the middle of a dark room, and it gives the image of illumination and warmth.

Bright yellow candle clipart image

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Candle Clipart

Here is another entry in our candle clipart category. This one is a very simple white candle clipart image. The fact that it is basically just white, with a light-colored yellow flame, and an unimposing green base, means that this image is very versatile. And it is easy to edit and customize this image to suit whatever overall design you are aiming for.

Simple white candle clipart

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